Would it be possible to build your own editor interface for unreal?

Hey guys!

To start, know that I’ve always wanted to make an editor. I worked on an editor for babylon.js for several months, but lost interest due to the overall weakness with webgl. So this possibility is very exciting:

Would it be possible to build my own editor interface for unreal?

I’ve been playing around with the GECK lately, which is an editor for the Fallout games (And comes from the editor that created Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim). I noticed how simple the layout was, and how lightweight the editor was. I realized that it would need to be: managing thousands upon thousands of objects is no easy feat. I am relatively new to Unreal, but I know that there are tools to create “open world” games… however from what I’ve seen, in my personal vision the editor is very fancy, and that causes it to be a bit… shall I say fat? I’m not quite sure I’d want to make an open world game in such an editor.

So, I guess this is two very different questions:

  1. Would the editor’s interface interfire in creating a large open world game?
  2. Is it possible to dump the interface and recreate it? As in the system stays the same, but the buttons + etc are different.

Thanks for reading!!