Would it be possible to add a menu upon a pawn (enemy)

Hey all,
I’m working on a third person game, and something I’d like to do is add contextual choices when you target a pawn (enemy mostly). Kinda like you see in RTS games. You can click the enemy and choose to attack it with a sword, or volley the arrows, or similar. Same is true with some structures like take over a encampment, or attack/destroy it (cntrl+click). Well I want to do that my simply having the target over the enemy and be able to execute a long distance attack, or ‘mark’ them for monitoring, and so forth.

I can’t quite get detailed here as I’m not sure if it’s possible. So not sure how far would want to go into it.

I was thinking spawn a widget menu when targeted but how would you interact with that widget?


You’re thinking of blueprint widget components: