Would I use uniform grid panels to break an image into clickable grids inside UMG?

Taking a shot in the dark here, my goal is to have my mini map clickable either with icons or some kind of coordinates system.

I need to draw grid lines across this image, so I can later plot characters on it in realtime. My hopes is that when clicking a region it will give you the coordinates or icon info.

The green box is a Scene Capture 2d placed far above the players head, my end goal is to have a world map similar to the strategy game map but im running into problems since im using an older engine version (4.7)


I would like to avoid using the camera and just plot on the map but I haven’t found any tutorials for that yet, so im taking what I think would be the first step and making the grids first.


I would be ecstatic if someone could show me how I could move an icon representing my player across this world map on event tick, no need to center/rotate the map.

Thank you for your time,

Break the map into different grids, and apply each one to a unique button with that image present rather than a button box. Then clicking the button, or rather grid image, all available info can be given directly to the player on specific grid interaction.