Would Bethesda let a team using UE4 develop Fallout 4?

Do you think Bethesda would let a well-constructed team develop Fallout 4, using UnrealEngine?

Probably not … they own the license and the trademark and all the other good stuff that belongs to the Fallout franchise.

However, there is nothing stopping you from contacting them and finding out what they would require or whether they would require anything (license fees, shared royalty, etc.).

Failing that … nothing stopping you from making a game similar to Fallout … just stay clear of all the Fallout specific items, people, weapons, etc.

Definitely not. Chances are they have plenty more planned for the Fallout franchise, or want to retain it for the future. Also, if they did decide to outsource the development and design to an external developer, it would be a well established one with a strong track record of delivering large scale AAA titles that sell well.

I don’t see any reason for them to do so, since they have their own engine, that is very capable.

No way, they have their own development studios that are well experience to be able to do that.

Not at all, there’s no reason for them to do that

I would also say no. they would want to protect the Fallout image, then again if you have enough money you could buy the licence for the game or pitch it to them but one would think it’s already being built as we speak. Why not just make your own fallout style game. if you make it and it’s any good I will buy it. I love that game.

Just do a quick google search and find out by yourself that Zenimax, Bethesda’s parent company doesn’t really like patents infringement.

I understand that someone who created something original, dosent like to have someone else make almost the same thing :slight_smile: So maybe its a good idea to let Bethesda own Fallout alone.

good idea

I like the idea but most likely not sorry buddy.