Would anyone be interested in a VR radial menu?

I made this for a game I’m working on. If some people are interested I’ll submit it.

It’s really easy to customize and all the options are dynamic in a BP variable.


image is not working man

can’t see your image ,find another image hosting site, like imgur

Fixed the broken images

Looks pretty cool. =)

Very cool menu!

Hi man! That’s look really cool menu.

I’m interested to actually use it. Can it open different levels with one of the buttons?

I appreciate it if you share this BP :slight_smile:


This looks brilliant. I’m definitely interested in this.

looks nice! any chance it will support Oculus touch as well?

I don’t have touch to support it, but you could just change the event that triggers it, and it should work the same.

You can do anything you want with the buttons. They either open another menu set or execute custom code in a function.

yes sure, I’m definitely interested in this.

Definitely interest in this menu would love it if you could share BP.

YES! This looks exactly like what I’m looking for. Do you have it up somewhere?

Any news on this? Would love to give it a try!