Wotgreal for everyone

Overview: Wotgreal is a great program to program. Fast to get things fast, lol. So use it to program with UDK super fast.

Link of download:!Aq5CFQ6L!JOnNsklB-…KfZPcgEhgm6JHc, buy a license if you can i did.

Instructions: 1 Unzip in c or whereever you want it to be at, double click the .exe and click next next next.
2 once unzipped and executed, press OPTIONS then you go to PREFERENCES go to GAME INFORMATION and in the UCCFile load the win 32 like this H:\UDK\GOTAMP2\Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe and on the SOURCE ROOT DIR go to where you have the code in my case H:\UDK\GOTAMP2\Development\Src\ you are good to go,right click on the packages and refresh

Things To know: Wotgreal is great though is full of bugs a key is go to where you have it unzipped then inside the folder there’s a thing called registry cleaner you run it and it will load again fine. But you will have to repeat step number 2

Any questions ?

Nice, thanks!

For some reason I still use the old unmaintained UDK Editor made by the UDK RATS guy, it has a lot of bugs and takes forever to start if you have many files open but I still like it the most.

use wotgreal FTW : ), wlel but idk it’s whatever suits you the best.

Bump() just if anyone wants to give it a try

Thanks bro for the link. I used it sometime ago, I may give it a try, however, I am used with the simplicity and speed of notepad++. I use this custom language sintaxer and highlighter for Unreal Script and Notepad++:

This is a simple one, however for me works like a charm.

Also there is this another one here, more robust and complete (I never tried it):


Is Wotgreal just an IDE for writing unrealscript? I personally use Sublime Text 3 with the unrealscript plugin. Works very nicely (especially with all the custom snippets and shortcuts I’ve setup).

Yes it’s IDE for unrealscript, you use it and it’s so comfy.


Hack of the day, close all active files getting programmed and close program, after wards the loading time will be less. in wotgreal ofc.