Worth putting together a mat pack or is market over saturated?

Hello I realized today I have tons of materials im having to convert to my UE4 library just as my general workflow continues heres a small sample of my stuff.

I have a ton of different styles mostly all modular and tillable and am in the process of creating my UE4 PBR library (as someone with absolutely gigs of textures this process could take awhile) but I was wondering if you think its worth me assembling a mat pack of say 50 or so for the market store to sell around 10 bucks or is the market saturated with materials and textures as is?

It’s absolutely not saturated! For 10 bucks, a lot of people would buy this this I guess.

I would say its saturated because its in high demand, and usually the risk is low for the creator. Risk as in: Time to make is small = price can be low. And the bug amount is minimal. I would think its worth it.

Since your at it why not? :wink:

Really not all that much work to hit the submit content button and make a few bucks :smiley:

I say go for it. You will always have competitors in the marketplace, that shouldn’t discourage you from trying to sell your own content. My advice is to just make it as unique as you possibly can. =)

it’s always nice to see new stuff like this

I do wonder though, where you managed to get ‘absolute gigs of textures’ in a way that grants permission to re-sell them in a pack. or is it all yours?

I don’t think there is such a thing as over saturation for texture packs if you have already created it and it is ready to sell. :stuck_out_tongue: