How come some people do not get answers and even so that viewing the questions comes to an hold when: They are valid questions.

There are just far more people asking questions there are people answering questions.

For me it all depends on question. I usually leave stuff like “how do i make game”, or things that simple google search can find (ie. when i copy paste exact question and there are decent tutorials and docs). For rest i try to reply if i know answer.

Yea, and most questions do get an answer eventually. It can just take a while.

Maybe someone who has the answer is not on or will not be for a while. (Vacation, work, spontaneous disco dance off.)

And some people just can’t answer some questions. (Like don’t ask me how something in C++ isn’t working. Or how it even works! :slight_smile: )

Hi, at first thanks for reacting all.

Thing is, there is a question and no answer comes. I ask another and nothing. I state I know c++ but not UE and, I answer somewhere else a question. He took my answer but replied within another thread as he found himself the solution. Did got an answer too after that. After this I asked a couple of more…blah blah.

No answers but the views frooze too. This is what made me worried of not been taken serious. Ignore my question if you don’t know, or ask if that helps you understanding te engine more.

Think people may expect an OP does his research, don’t know if that needs to be stated. By stating knowing c++ people can know rather assume I do me research. If one did or didn’t will be clear in future time. Please get to know people before judgement (okay, I 'll create a project once called deep, hehe)

Let me take the example of Nawrot: “how do i make a game”. No question I asked formulates that. Due to no answer at all I got ironic.

Unfortunatly there is a lot of information to be found on the web about previous versions of UE. Also a lot of misinformative tuts for the correct version where the tutor doesn’t know what he is doing.

The next example below does state the problem, it states what the goal is and what it’s needed for. This is a valid question at all counts. Actually, if, and I emphesize if, nobody knows an answer, moderators of the engine are (should be) expected to go into investigation if this isn’t correct behaviour of the engine. And no, I am not saying it is a bug because it probably isn’t. I can’t state such as I don’t know the engine, duh. Did do something wrong, wrote down my entire project. Enough information is present. Right, I did say in the title ‘which can’t be correct’, well that’s my humorly mistake probably.

Motivation to post the question is simple, didn’t knew where to look for what anymore. Did try to find something but came up with tutorials stating I did it the right way.

Just did a search for one of my own questions (used bing.com though): “Collisionmeshes”, pasted the content of the thread. Result, my own question as the first result. Okay, a little irony here too. Second result already red and known, third result Unity, nice one. UDK, this main forum index, main answer hub index, unreal update page, gamasutra, and twice unity again.

Not online, ofcourse. As obvious as we need to breath as is not knowing the answer.

Did leave this (testing)project and started something very casual and basic. Now I have a working little scene which does what I want. Probably not needing help with that one (except for materials or networking).

Hope I did make sence, I believe so. Claimed to have found the answer while ignoring the giver is insultive in multiple ways.


As has been stated, not every question can be answered immediately. (Some of mine took more than a week.)

No one was judging you. Questions can take a while.
And it is possible that their was no one on who knew the answer at that time.

Nawrot’s example was just that, an example. Not representative of the question you asked.

Exact opposite experience for me. :frowning:


Moderators are here to moderate the forums. (Keeping spam and keeping the forums nice.)
Though many of them are often the one’s who answer some questions. It’s because they know it as well.

You also can’t assume such things.

No offence but the title of the thread is quite confusing and some people might not even look at it because of it.
The title might attract more people if it was called. “Actor has problems moving.” Simplify the question but also give enough info.

Also, if no one answers, you can bump the question up after 4 days.

I would reccomend using Google. You should find more things that way.
And also try phrasing it in a way google can find it if you are not. (Also putting UE4 into the search really helps.)


Who claimed to know the answer? That last line really is hard to under stand.

Also, remember to post in the correct area for your question, and there also is the answerhub to help you with these things.

We’re all in this together man, someone isn’t always going to know the answer to your questions. Especially as you get into more and more complex things. The important thing is to keep your chin up and your nose down. There are rough spots with learning anything new, just keep pushing.


Having said that I probably overreacted due to an unfortunate experience faith had in mind.

To be clear, I didn’t say moderators have to answer. By far. They may if they feel too, ofcourse.
About who claimed the answer, he said to have found the answer himself. This within another thread where the answer was given. This felt quite insultive in combination of not being answered. Doesn’t matter who he is. As with Nawrot, it’s the example of and not the person. Pointing is not for me.

The misinformative things are maybe different versions/different naming/different ways to do things.

Said also that I made the title somewhat confusing. So no offence taken, the advise I will take. My english is at worse at the moment due to that experience. My first language came back too.

Thanks for your effort,


Think my quoted question resembles something like if( i = 0 ){ /* will never run */ } ], quite irriteting. But you’re right, never let your head down. When learning we’re all sometimes a pauper, later will be king to be a pauper again.

Glad to see you are the reasonable sort. :slight_smile:

Now I see why you were insulted.

That’s all right, just keep learning when it comes to english.
And don’t get mad if anyone says they can’t understand you. I’ve had similar experiences with other languages. :slight_smile:

Wish you luck on whatever project you are doing.

P.S. You can notify us of your response by using the ‘Reply with quote’ under the message I wrote. (I think you can # our names I believe. Like Twitter. Don’t do the # trick with me right now though! My Email is all messed up.)

In my experience, sometimes it’s just difficult to understand what someone is trying to do even when they state it. For example:

From my own perspective, first I try to comprehend the question. It’s usually not a straight forward process and an initial question usually leads to more questions:

  • Why do you want to move the actor while standing on it? Is it necessary or are there other ways to bypass this?
  • What have you tried to move the actor? (screenshots of blueprint classes or code would help in this case because it might be a logic error or coding mistake)

There can also be some misunderstanding due to ambiguity of terms. For example “scene” on the following:

As far as I know, there are different meanings for “scene.” It can mean a level (map) or a scene component inside a blueprint class? So some terms may have multiple meanings. However, when I try to comprehend it I imagine two different possibilities:

  1. the whole map moves while the player remains stationary; or
  2. You have a blueprint based off Actor and have a scene component in it you are trying to move that. (Maybe I’m just completely ignorant when it comes to scene components and that isn’t possible at all. :p)

Often though I just skip questions I can’t comprehend because I might not be experienced enough to understand it. Maybe the questions themselves just lack bits of information and/or are just difficult to comprehend. While other times they can also be “too technical” which can also be an obstacle. Generally though, I feel that most unanswered questions will be due to a communication gap and simply having screenshots or videos might aid in effectively communicating what the problem is.

Thanks, I’ll take these advises.

Just be patient and continue to try to answer your own question, if you find an answer link it to help others.

People go through cycles where they have more or less time to answer questions. Some things to help get an answer is to:

  1. Have a very specific question
  2. Show the progress you have made yourself on it ( Not just, I googled and found nothing )
  3. Screenshots

I agree. If you don’t get answers now, try later.