Worn Furniture Pack 1

Worn Furniture Pack 1 ($14.99)


Worn Furniture Pack 1 consists of 20 unique (28 with variants) high quality props of worn wooden benches, tables, stools, and chairs for use within your game projects.

All props contain custom made LODs where appropriate (these LODs are included within the package as meshes for your usage) and include collision meshes.
Bench props come in both ‘intact’ and ‘broken’ versions and include an additional material variation.

Technical Details
Physically Based Rendering: Yes
Number of Textures: 31 textures
Texture Size: 512x512, 1024x1024 & 2048x2048
Collision: Yes, custom meshes
LODs: Yes, as appropriate (see below for breakdown)
Number of Meshes: 47 (including supplied LODs)
Intended Platform: PC, XBOX, PS4
Platforms Tested: PC

LOD Polygon breakdown:
• Beam Bench – Base 1k, LOD1 400
• Beam Bench Half Width – Base 500
• Hi Back Fabric Chair – Base 3.2k, LOD1 2.3k
• Hi Back Wicker Chair – Base 3.5k, LOD1 1.9k
• Pallet Bench – Base 300
• Stone Bench 2 – Base 900
• Stone Bench Broken – Base 1.5k, LOD1 1k
• Stone Bench Intact – Base 1.4k, LOD1 1k
• Table 1 – Base 5.5k, LOD1 4k, LOD2 2.7k, LOD3 700
• Table 2 (inc variants) – Base 6.6k, LOD1 1.3k
• Wooden Bench 1 Broken - Base 5.3k, LOD1 4.8k, LOD2 1.3k
• Wooden Bench 1 Intact – Base 5.2k, LOD1, 4.8k, LOD2 1.5k
• Wooden Bench 3 Broken – Base 1.9k, LOD1 500
• Wooden Bench 4 Broken – Base 800
• Wooden Bench 4 Intact – Base 800
• Wooden Stool – Base 3k, LOD1 1k

Hi all,

To coincide with this weeks release (15th March) of our Beach Props Pack 1, Worn Furniture Pack 1 is currently 30% off for this week - $10.49.

Cheers all.

Just a quick head’s up that we have updated the pack to 4.16.

To tie in with this it is currently on sale this week… 50% off, just $7.49