Wormholes and Singularities

Wanted to make an interesting Wormhole for a game project, but didn’t find anything interesting on Marketplace, so decided to make my own.
Been working on this Wormhole tech on the side.

Looks great! Would love to see a little game demo with this mechanic.

I love the transition effect. What are your plans for this? Marketplace release?

If it works in VR with decent performance it’d be an instant buy for me XD

Hey Where can buy this right now !! lol

I’d definitely buy this! Great job!

Hello Kaze_of_Kami,

You’re Wormhole Setup is very impressive. I like your color choice as well :cool: Like you, I searched on the Marketplace for a Teleportal System to be used in our Open-World Action RPG Hybrid (… set in Apocalyptic World shattered by Dimensional Space/Time Rifts).

I’m aiming for system similar to the Portals Game. The closest BP Module I found in the Marketplace was the Dynamic Multi Teleport System (D.M.T.S.) . I purchased D.M.T.S + Dissolving Gradients + VFX Spark Pack and re-wired them using this Portals Tutorial to achieve the current results you see below.

I’m very interested in a tech talk, especially in regards to the Wormhole Material which is fascinating. The distortion really gives it a another-dimension feel. That sort of effect is something I’m striving for. I considered using render targets to create a fancy dynamic water wall. Your object Warping effect is a added bonus. I speculate it achieved with World Position Offset and some FOV manipulation on the Player Camera. It looks really good.

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That’s completely badass. Great job.