WORLDSCAPE PRO PLUGIN - Make planets and infinite flat worlds

Hello, we have just published our 1st article created by our studio.

WORLDSCAPE PLUGIN brings clipmaps based terrain technology to the Unreal Engine to create endless optimized landscapes and planets.

Compatible with Unreal’s multiplayer, guide your imagination to quickly achieve fully procedural infinite playgrounds with the ability to customize the terrain’s noise through our heightmap decal system importing 8-bit and 16-bit heightmaps to gain full control of your terrain.

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:wrench: Free support : DISCORD
:link: MORE INFORMATIONS : Documentation & Play AlphaDemo

We will complete this post and more information, We will also inform you of new features in development. Thank you, and we hope you like our product!

NotePatch Update 1.0.1 :

  • Supports Unreal Engine 5
  • Add Projected Position (Experimental)
  • Add Override the generation position in both editor and Runtime.
  • Add Noise Surface Crater
  • Add level Demonstration_FlatWorld
  • Add level Demonstration_Planet
  • Add Distance field for foliages
  • Fix HMI in Runtime
  • Fix Foliage Crash in 4.26
  • Fix in ClipMaps system
  • Improve Default Value in WorldScapeRoot
  • Improve WorldOriginRebasing Fake64bits Squared in GameRuntime/EditorRuntime (experimental) - Improve Level Demonstration
  • Improve Ground Slope Angle for spawn foliages
  • Improve placeolder assets !

Custom Noise - QANGA GAME

Hello, we are releasing the compatible update to UNREAL 5.0.1!

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Hi, we are releasing the compatible update to UNREAL 5.3

Now you can :

  • edit the surface area of your planets
  • Bake precise locations of your planets and convert them into StaticMesh Nanite
  • Edit your textures directly in the editor
  • Bake Foliages

Enjoy !