Worlds First Open Dimensional Game [Time Travel]


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Hi, my name is Justin. I have have been working on this project “The Vision” SOLO for over a year and hope that all who view this post love what they see for this first video and first set of screenshots. I wish to receive help in the future when my budget isn’t $0.00 :slight_smile:

The game was inspired by my complete obsession with time travel. All my life, i have been obsessed with the idea and all around concept of time travel. The Vision follows the story of John, a semi lonely alien experiment, who is given a watch that is encoded to his DNA and gives him the ability to travel through time.

About the game: There are a vast number of activities within the game, from side missions, the main cinematic story line, to solving some of the worlds greatest mysteries. Throughout the game, players will find that there is more to the game than time travel, that you can stay in one time period for weeks with a world that feels alive due to the number of various animals, people and even alien life forms that fill the world to make the player feel like this is indeed a real world. Players will also find themselves taking action to the universe by finding ways to travel into space. Players will also discover that the games opens you up to new possibilities that allow for players to earn money. The game features rich and complex systems to allow for players to form crews to Break into homes, take over big business, or even start your own illegal underground businesses.

What can be done within “The Vision”

  • Players are able to seamlessly travel through space, time, and portals to other worlds
  • Players will be able to participate in many missions including bonus but not required side missions. In the video, you will see a scene from Dealey Plaza, Dallas Texas, November 11 1963. This is a side mission to either save or attemp an assassnation of the historical figure yourself.
  • Players can infiltrate government facilities to: Rob, Expose, or give yourself super human governmental experiments.

The vision is a game that is all about complete and utter freedom, to do as you please in this massive open world/open dimensional/open universe video game, packed with various activities, including: Home invasion, Traveling through time with items, vehicles, etc… from the future to the past, or vice versa, traveling through time to change historic events, or to participate within battle that could present itself in certain times and all while having the most cinematic experience in either First or Third Person. And there is a lot more to it which i will talk more about and show within the next video update :slight_smile:

Here are some screens shots from the game so far: (Not all scenes are shown in these screenshots, the rest of the scenes will be shown in the next video update)

Please ask questions so that i may add more to this forum thread.

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Looks interesting. So if you go back in time and change something, will it change the future?

There are many ways to shape the future in The Vision in minor ways, and only a few cherry picked events will allow the player to change the future in major ways. For instance: Releasing a virus into the human population that can cause walking dead will more than likely last a few years and kill off a major part of the human population over a course of time. This will give the players the opportunity to play through missions that may rise within this alter world. As far as minor ways, players will start to see stranger things happen within the scenes, but nothing major to the environment will change. These are some of the things that can be done. And I should be explaining more in depth in my next video. :slight_smile:

screenshot from latest scene to be showcased in next video

I have also created a Facebook page for this project where i will be posting Latest Updates until the website is up and running. :slight_smile:


Screen shot from what is to come to the Next Video. A lot of the project will be explained in depth. Make sure to watch my Indie Page to stay Updated. Thank you all!! I will also be giving away some free materials that are used in this project.

oh lord that Mustang screen! :cool:

Thank you and Here is another. Most recent shot from the project :smiley: Unreal just makes it easy

The conceptual idea of this game is very good. I would be interested in seeing how this develops over time.

Tons of hours working, trying to finish this next video which will be my main Kickstarter Video. Here is the latest screen shot from the project [Modern Day]:

Good quality video, but in the future gasoline powered cars will probably be outlawed due to climate change :slight_smile:

Thank you. And that’s the plan. The father in the future you travel, the less likely you are to see Modern Day vehicles and aircraft’s.