WorldPartition minimap shows landscape size wrong

Hello all,

I’m encountering, several times already in different projects, an issue with WorldPartition minimap. First, when the landscape is imported the WorldPartition minimap correctly shows the map size (15kmx15km), after working with the landscape for a while, it suddenly shows whatever it wants.

Now, I went back and just took an older version from Git where all was fine and correct, but working with it for a while, it suddenly showed the landscape size to be 140km x 140km x 76km. All I did there was removed some foliage from Landscape Grass Type and that’s all and it went mad.

Is anyone encountering the same problem and does anyone have any idea how to fix it? It starts to be a pain in the *** and makes working with the big landscape really hard.

Or am I just missing something that I don’t get at this point of how this is supposed to work?

The map size responds to whatever the largest or furthest object bounds in the level are.

For instance if you added a moon at an accurate distance, youd have a crazy distance and size show up.
But the rendering or the actual size of your landscape tiles wouldn’t be affected.