World'd First Integrated photorealistic web based visualisation solution


This demo which is completely implemented by unreal engine is at beta stage atm. Realtime Facade and Scheme change are as some of the features.
It demonstrates the unlimited capabilities of the unreal engine for the next generation of web based applications. the final version would be based on Webassembly+webgl2 platform.

Good quality, some trouble with some of your light maps but the main problem is the controls, so hard to navigate.

I just looked up your company. Hello from another aussie!

Having a look at your solution now. Is this a toolkit or a service?

Still needs some work–performance is pretty bad and like said before the lighting has issues. There’s also more that could be done to make it look realistic.

also it doesnt load if you’re not looking at the tab, which is super frustrating.

quite fast on my pc. There is no AA tho, which make it look a bit bad. Good idea, keep it up.

post screenshots and fix loading on background or you won’t get far with this… it is pain in the *** looking at that for me super slow loading bar doing nothing… it is annoying :slight_smile:

I’m also curious about whether this is a product or a tool set. I agree with previous posters about having other features and more photo-realism. PM me if you would like to chat about this! We could certainly utilize this.

Also, I received this crash: