[WorldComp] Optimal Level Sizes for Open-world Urban Environment?

Wanting to test out a few open-world game ideas based on a lifelike urban environments using the entirety of the Worldscape/scene/bounds(Whatever you want to call it), the few sizes I have tried just drop my fps from 120 to 10-20 when veiwing all 25 default landscapes (no terrain deformation, actors, materials or textures added, but when I open the KiteDemo project in the Editor I get 75fps on average. I am also having troubles compiling lighting in my levels, I run out of memory about 30% into compilation and the Editor crashes.
I think it may have to do with configuring LOD,I’ve miss interpreted the idea of level streaming since I’m only 2 weeks into learning my first game engine.
I have looked at the Landscape Technical Documentation regarding Reccomended Landscape Sizes, but I’m not to sure if this takes Level Streaming into account or not, but I based my dimensions on the KiteDemo

Current Configuration

  • Section Size: 63x63
  • Sections Per Component: 2x2
  • Number of Components: 32x32
  • Overall Resolution: 4033x4033
  • Total Components: 1,024

System Specs

  • UE Version: 4.9.2
  • CPU: Intel i5 4690k @3.5GHz
  • GPU: Asus Strix 970 @1.11GHz
  • RAM: DDR3 16GB @1800MHz

I’ll post some screenshots when I restart my comp/post gets approved

If a developer/admin/guru reads this post and want’s to do me the biggest favor, could you please explain very briefly the different mechanics that went into making such a large world space possible (I can research the rest myself), I’ve seen the 2015 GDC presentation, but it only touched upon the technical side to obtaining such a large map.

I’ll be happy to give you any more additional info or description of my problem.

When you create large worlds you will have to do it like that:

-use LOD’s
-use low poly meshes
-use a “good texture” resolution (not too high and not too low)
-use dynamic lights instead of static ones
-use culling
-implement a good level streaming system -> so when the player cant see/access one terrain part, just cull it/stream it out :slight_smile:

please :cry: