World Y forward ?

In Blender Y is forward because I use X symmetry but in UE4 X is forward so when imported the mesh is rotated 90d. I can rotate every mesh when I import an FBX, however is there a way to set Y as the forward axis ?

No. Everything is left-handed, Z up, in Unreal so you will have to follow this otherwise you won’t be able to rely on functions like “get forward vector” within Unreal.

Forward Vector will always be forward which ever direction it’s pointing to.

Yes that is problem. If you import a character with Y forward and you use “GetForwardVector” you would expect to get the direction the character is facing but instead you get the “Right vector” relative to the character mesh. You can obviously just add a scene component and correct the mistake but it is easier to correct the mistake at the root of the problem while importing.

Ok, thanks.