World War One Plane build?

Hello guys/gals, When building a plane like a World War One Plane…What advice can ya’ll give me? I’m making it a first and 3rd person view and I want it Mid poly level…

Do I build the Hull basic shape then build the cockpit totally separate and move it into the Hull or do I extrude the cockpit out of the Hull? I know the joy stick needs to be separate. I’m makeing the wings and tail wings separate…

Dashboard Should be separate or extruded?

Thanks for any help!

Why not making it all in one pieace ? Except the interactable parts. (Joystick, some parts of the wings that changes when you are moving around)
Wait for other answers, because i’m not the expert, so yeah … just my advice.

personnally i would follow the same idea than for other player character : two meshes, one global plane one cockpit detail. Considering the particular rotation vision angle maybe having always the plane visible and the cockpit detailed mesh inside visible only on first view would be the best to not have to add wings and dual infos to first third wiew like propeller effect smoking damaging engine and others.

I would say two meshes as well. The joystick, gauges, buttons, etc. can be parts of the cockpit and the whole cockpit can be a skeletal mesh. Then you can animate anything you want in the cockpit easily using an anim BP. That’s how i did my car’s gauges, steering wheel and gear shift.

Thank you all :slight_smile: I’ll do the 2 mesh Idea then. I didnt even think of that… :slight_smile:

Hey yall, I built the in and outside of my plane but whats the trick in going into the plane ???Right now i just jump from one view to the next…

Im trying to get this level…CitizenCon 2014: Persistent Universe Demo - YouTube

I want to use my ship or plane with this type of detail…Do I build a hull around the inside or just attach the 2 together? Or is there a modeling skill Im missing?

That video looks like it’s just a cinematic sequence but you could get that with a camera boom. Switch from one camera to another using some sort of trigger in BP, the boom will then rotate around your ship just like a car. As far as the detail goes - model a low poly version (with just the basic shapes), duplicate it and then add more detail. Then bake the high-poly version down into a normal map. That will give you the look of a high poly asset without the performance hit.

Thanks Kenny