World War 2 Guns

Early WIP guys. These should each be finished in 1-2 weeks. A couple of us are working on this. Hopefully it goes well.



1911 High Poly WIP

Looking forward to seeing how far you take this!

Good luck!

1911 Clip WIP

Not really interested in the Welrod personally as they were really rare (Only 2,800 were made) weapons compared to the 1911 and other weapons of the Second World War.

I do like the Colt 1911 however and It looks like it is shaping up.
I would like to see rifles, machine guns, and other weapons used by both the Allied and Axis forces. :slight_smile:


LP Done - 6.6k

That 1911 looks really good cannot wait to see it in engine.



Really cool meshes! Make sure to also include the “thompson”. :smiley:

WW2 1911 DONE

Wow, these look great! Very nice work. :slight_smile:

FYI, we’re modifying our weapons guidelines to allow submissions with only a single weapon, as long as it includes a bullet and empty casing, clip\magazine, and [ideally] parts split for animation. Most people pick out specific weapons to buy instead of wanting a bundle, and I think this change will help these sell even better.


I know there hasn’t been a comment in 4 months but are there any updates on this? I’m very interested in ww2 guns

Any updates?