World vs Level vs Map?


I’m relatively new to the world of Unreal Engine. I’ve been taking a C++ course on Udemy teaching me how to use the language with Unreal Engine. I’ve been liking the workflow a lot. But one thing that keeps confusing me is the terminology that Unreal Engine uses for its levels. Or is it worlds? Maps? I have no idea. In Unity, they are called scenes consistently. You create a new scene from the asset window. You can access them as scenes from code. Everything’s consistent.

Can someone please explain to me if Worlds, Levels, and Maps are different? Or why there are 3 different names for the same thing? Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think level and map are interchangeable words (but level is the official one, map is something that just got stuck with some developers). That is similar to a scene in Unity.

A world is something that can be a level or a set of multiple levels that can be loaded together or streamed like World Composition User Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation or World Partition | Unreal Engine Documentation

I figured it was something like that. Thank you so much for clarifying!

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