World time, last render time, and streaming levels

Hi Everyone

I’m wondering if there are any tried and tested techniques for getting reliable info about which actors are on screen, when you’re using streaming levels?

It seems like GetWorld()->TimeSeconds is the way to get the level time. This was working for me, and I was subtracting UPrimitiveComponent::LastRenderTime to get the difference.

This was pretty solid until I changed a few things, including reparenting both the persistent level and streaming level to new and separate levelscriptactors (a necessary move due to data being loaded in to the persistent level).

Then it stopped working. LastRenderTime now lags behind world time, same as it was when I was using UGameplayStatics to get the world time.

Can anyone enlighten me on this subject?


EDIT: It looks like at some point I moved the actor from the streaming level to the persistent level, hence the problem getting accurate render time.