World-space Widget Component Tool Tips and Dropdown (ComboBox) support


Currently Tool Tips and Dropdowns do not really work when on a widget displayed by a widget component in world space. In the case of Tool Tips, the tool tip is drawn in screen space in the viewport. The drop down does not display as open at all.

Is there any plans to support this in the future? Otherwise, are there any suggested workarounds?

Thank you

We think this might be fixed for popups but not for tooltips. I’ll check it now. You could simulate tooltips with MenuAnchors that open when hovered and with UseApplicationMenuStack=false.

Confirmed, we have fixed popups on WidgetComponents in 4.12. Comboboxes and MenuAnchors are working for me.

I was also able to simulate tooltips. I created a user widget that reacts to its own OnMouseEnter and OnMouseLeave events by opening and closing a child menu anchor.

Set your tooltip widget as the menu content of the anchor and set UseApplicationMenuStack=false on the anchor.