World Space Rotations


I’m a 3D Artist, not a programmer and I’m pretty new to Blueprint. I want to make a simple podracing game.
I’m currently struggling with rotations, I can easily turn my pod with yaw. If it looks great for a car it doesn’t for a pod, I need to add some roll.
The problem is that I don’t want the pitch to be affected at all, the pod is floating on the ground, you can’t control if it goes up and down.
But since rotations are in local space, affecting both roll and yaw make the pod point downward. I want to avoid it, so my guess is that I need to modify yaw in world space instead of local, however I have no clue how to do it.

Here is an picture to help understand.

  1. The pod is straight applying either roll or yaw will work fine.
  2. If it rolls everything still looks fine.
  3. However you see that if it yaws, since the pod is oblique, it will point downward. What I want is to keep yaw horizontal.

Are you looking for SetWorldRotation?

If the pod never pitches at all, couldn’t you just import it oblique so the forward axis doesn’t point down? Or maybe it’s just a matter of pivot placement. Either way if I’m picturing it right then it shouldn’t pitch at all when yawing + rolling.