World size limitation specifics in engine docs?

Howdy all

Is there an up to date doc page for world size with specific information around the WORLD_MAX limitation? Everything I have read does not seem to delve into specifics for map sizes and seems quick to suggest World Composition/Origin Shifting with its obvious multiplayer implications.

Digging through many old forum and answerhub posts I have come to understand it has increased twice since pre-4.8 from roughly 5x5km, 20x20km and now apparently 40x40km.

What I can not find a specific source confirming is if integrity of physics/AI was improved as WORLD_MAX was increased. Assuming a single world is in use would I still expect to strange behavior past or around 5km from world origin?

Thanks for any information!

The max size is 20km, but for physics it will need to be much smaller so you would need to use World Composition for something big, there’s no specifics on what the maximum size for good physics is though.

Thanks. That is unfortunate but expected. Will have to try playing around a bit with the new MP Origin Rebasing that was merged in 4.14.

Is it known if initial disruption distance varies by user (perhaps due to hardware) or is it known to be uniform?

It’s due to how big the position numbers get, so I would think it would be different for the specific physics use rather than anything to do with hardware. For example, some physics probably doesn’t need to be all that accurate.

Single-Player limits are not as fixed as 20km^2 / 40km^2 seemingly. (So feel free to experiment).
Its just that overall, the larger the positional co-ords the less room there is for rotational precision.
So if you have objects at vast distances in a level, expect to see some Jitter in rotational transforms.

However limits are tied to PhysX & Physics in general, so depending on use case may be worked around.
What’s worrying is that the engine doesn’t always render depth / mesh order properly at vast distances.
Usual tweaks like Translucency Sort Priority / Bounds etc won’t work. Anyone have ideas? (4.10 / 4.14.1)

Singleplayer has no limit really, origin rebasing works just fine for that and you can keep up origin rebasing until you run out of disk space. It’s only MP that has a limit, generally tends to be 16-20km total (4-5km in any direction from origin).

Sorry to awake the old thread. Does the world composition and rebasing using together have a limit of about 21’000 km?
As i understood, origin is stored as int32 in cemtimeters, max of int32 is 2,147,483,647 cm, or roughly 21474 km.

edit: in fact 40000 km: from -20000 to +20000

I’m not sure what data type origin is stored as, but the whole point of world composition and rebasing is that origin is set to 0 each time the player moves from one terrain segment to another.

This is how I understood it as well. Although, after playing with origin rebasing in the engine I’m not exactly sure if that is how it works… been searching online and haven’t found much clarity on this. Imo the docs are not really that thorough on how this all actually works under-the-hood.

Is there any answer on this as of late?