World Settings via Blueprint.

Hey Amigos, i have couple of qeustions. Is it possible to change World Setting via Blueprints ? Using the property matrixr ??With what or how to use,break the ,WorldCast settings" or ,WorldCast setting class “? What is the difrence ?In BP Does ,Event OnReset” change those settings back ? When after Game Begin i create via level BP many difrent objects(white ball icon in game mode) from an Rootscene(with 3 Static Meshes,movable), and program to change in middle of the game the Lightmap res. of the rooted Meshes .And than press the Build button, does it than render all the duplicated objects seperatly(many lightmaps?) for difrent detail settings and world settings? I use ,SpawnActor’’ is this good for that ? I think that’s a lot of qeustions to start. Thank all for reading!