World Settings - Third Person Game Mode/Third Person Character

Hi to everyone, I’m begginer to UE and like all beginers try to make/execute some tutorials, but something going wrong, not I expected!

The documentation have a chapter: Creating a Main Menu

I made 2 levels, and called them:
Main ( like in the docs)
Map_1 ( with some design: grass, rocks and trees … )

I want to use Main level to load Map_1 level, make all like in the docs with one exception!
In the docs they use FirstPersonExampleMap to load level, I use Map_1 level and ThirdPersonGameMode, not FirstPerson Project.

When I play on viewport Main level and use ( Under Game Mode, set the GameMode Override to FirstPersonGameMode and change the Default Pawn Class to Character.) everthying work as expected,
I click Play button and UE load Map_1 level, but I cann’t jump, move or make something in this Level.
If I change another level to load like ThirdPersonExampleMap level, everything it’s ok, i can move, jump …

I think that ThirdPersonExampleMap use another GameMode or blueprints, not sure!

How to make it right to work, to load Map_1 level with PLAY button and to have ability to jump, move and see Skeletal Mesh, or what I made wrong ???

Please help who know !!!