World Rotation Blueprint.


I’m actually a 3D artist, definitely not a programmer, so I’m kind of struggling getting started with blueprints.
I’m trying to make a basic podracer game. It was easy to setup throttle, now I’m dealing with turning. I don’t want to have the pod to go up or down, it should just turns while floating on the ground.
Turning just by rotating yaw works fine but doesn’t look good (works for a car, not for a pod), it needs roll too. Because rotations are done locally, applying rotations to both yaw and roll make the pod pointing downward. I don’t want the pitch to be affected, so my guess is I need to apply the yaw in world space but I have no clue how to do it.

I took a look at the Flying Blueprint Sample, but it’s not fixing the issue, which is pretty logical when you can play with the pitch.

Here is a picture to help understanding the issue.