World Rally Championshiop

it is from “Racing Game” thread" if u want see some earlier videos — >
progress no.7

its is 380kw WRC 4x4 1200kg car setup(i have no time to write all that stuff like gear ratios , air friction , aerodynamics, .etc yet. ). This game will have a lot of options how to build car. If you have any tips that may improve this adrenaline run → U are welcome to give any type of critique to make this game better. In this preview, car has short rally springs for extreme handling and slipperyaction due to mid wet flat ground surface wheels are rolling on.

In compare from my previous posts from thread posted above, this has been completely reworked to earlier version of UE4 due to latest version instability

Final Name of the Game is not officialy approved yet( hope developers understand ), but it will stick will RALLY, driving on neverending almost flat line shaped straight road at 300kph is boring.

future PS: see ya in VR