World position to screen coordinates

Does anyone know of any way to transform an actor’s world transform (3d) to screen coordinates (2d)?

Something like Unity’s screentoworldpoint.

With the “Project” node.

Found it right before you answered. But thanks! :smiley:

I was messing around this node and i cannot get it to work.
I keep getting" ErrorPin target must have connection" but i did !
I passed on a make vector value, and outputed the coordinate through Project node…

Show a capture of your BP

initialy i was using the position of an actor in worldspace but i simplified it even more for the tests.

I must be using it incorrectly… althrough i find it weird that it’s saying target must have a connection when there is no target pin

Hi Reboot,

What Blueprint are you trying to do this with? Is it the Level Blueprint because that won’t work. When I mouseover the error message the tooltip tells me that it won’t compile because the BP that I’m trying to use the “Project” function on is not a HUD.

If you create a new Blueprint, expand the “Custom Classes” dropdown, then either find or type “HUD” in the search box.

You should get a short list including one simply titled “HUD” which describes itself as “The base class of the heads-up display” pick that one, cut and paste your existing blueprint projecting code into it and it should work just fine.