World Partitioner Enable Option From Project Settings Missing UE5

Going into project settings there are no options to enable world partitioner. The only thing that is shown is the is the commandlet class option. Not sure if this makes a difference but I am running the latest version of both MacOS and UE5. I have literally tried everything from enabling from project settings, enabling from world settings, running the commandlet code provided in the Epic Games provided UE5 World Partitioner Tutorial. The option to enable this is simply not available.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Or if anyone knows how to run the commandlet from the Mac terminal that would be a huge help as well.

Converting Existing Levels to use World Partition

You can add World Partition to any Level by converting it using the Tools > Convert Level menu option, or by using the World Partition Convert Commandlet.


Thank you for the help! The dropdown in tools helped a lot and was exactly what I was looking for.