World Partition not converting InstancedFoliageActors to use the Grid System.


I have a problem when trying to convert my levels to use the new world partition system in UE5.4.1. What is happening is that all the foliage in the levels after they are converted to OnefilePerActor is still one big instanced foliage actor and it not being split up into smaller foliage chunks.

You can see that if you have foliage in your persistent World partition map (The main map if you will) the foliage in this will be converted and will be split into smaller instances ready for use with the grid and streamed in in small chunks. I did not know that world partition will only let you paint foliage on the persistent level. When my grass levels are loaded in all the foliage is loaded at once because they still only have one large instanced foliage actor.

The way i wanted to get round this is by transferring all my grass and foliage to the main world partition map before it gets converted to use world partition. This ends up with the level being 10GB in size. It wont load or save because i crash with this error ScratchBufferRequiredSize >= ScratchBufferSize

I might be able to do the conversion without loading or saving the level again. But then again it might fail. Yet to be done.

Does anyone know of a good way to transfer foliage to the main world partition level? I need to to be streamed in in small chunks not one big foliage actor. If i try and play the game it crashed with all my levels converted to world partition because its trying to load huge amounts of foliage and is not converting the foliage at all. Any advice would be appreciated.


It sounds like you’re dealing with a challenging issue related to foliage and world partitioning in Unreal Engine 5.4.1. Let’s explore some potential solutions:

Transfer Foliage to Another Level:
Create a new blank level within your project (you can name it something like “FoliageOnly”).
In the foliage tool, select all the foliage you want to transfer.
Use the selection tool to choose all the foliage instances.
Right-click on the level where you want to move the foliage and select “Move all selected foliage to level.”
Save all changes.
This approach should help you split the foliage into smaller chunks1.
Re-Generate Foliage Types:
In UE5, the way the engine splits up foliage components is different and more granular.
Consider re-generating all the foliage types in your map to ensure they work properly with world partitioning2.
Remember to test any changes thoroughly to avoid crashes. I hope one of these approaches helps you resolve the issue!

Hope this work for you.
Best regards,

Hi, Thanks very much for offering a solution. This is a great suggestion and I will try to see if it works for me asap. Can you clarify some questions about re generate foliage types. Where can I find it and how does it work? Can I use it in a world partition project to convert my foliage in level instances to use the grid for steaming. I am hoping that is splits the foliage instance into lots of little chunks and makes it more granular. FIngers crossed it does what i hope.

Have you used it for this purpose? And can you clarify that it works on level instances.

Thank you very much.

Hello Samuel, Where can I find “Re Generate Foliage Types” I cant see it any where in the menus? I cant find it on google or through the forums? Can you help. Thanks