World Partition Minimap Generation not available in Preview 2 (it was in the Early Access)

What happened to the wp.MiniMap.ShowReloadButton command?
According to this official video, the World Partition system should automatically generate the Minimap for my world. I confirm that in the Early Access 2 this command was available and it works as per the video, but in the current version (Release Preview 2) it is not possible to find the console command (and the minimap is not shown on the World Partition screen by default when creating a new map with the Open World template).

Also, when I try o use the commandlet -run=WorldPartitionBuilderCommandlet MyMap.umap -Builder=WorldPartitionMiniMapBuilder -AllowCommandletRendering -log=MiniMap.txt it crashes because it can not write into the actor representing the Texture (that is a property of WorldPartitionMiniMap actor in my level). If I run the commandlet with the editor closed, it actually finishes with no crash, but the texture file goes from around 3mb to 45kb and… no data at all.
Any hints?

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Hi, did you figure this ( wp.MiniMap.ShowReloadButton) out? I would like to know the answer to this too…

Hey, this actually was moved to a button under the Build menu. just go to Build → Build Minimap.