World Partition grid origin

Question: Is it intended for World Partition cells to be aligned by the centers rather than the corners?

When creating/importing a landscape at 0,0, this leads to some cells overlapping 4 proxies and partial components, and other cells floating in the middle of a single landscape proxy. While the cost of loading the “greedy” cells may very well be offset by those with less elsewhere, this just seems strange to me.

It also seems like it could cause other issues down the line like per-cell HLOD fighting over which one loads a landscape, or World Comp users finding their sub-levels chopped up upon migration.

Granted, an easy enough work around would be to just offset the landscape origin to line up with the cells (or just edit the source eventually). But if it’s not supposed to be doing this, people may like to know before they start migrating or planning new content around a grid which which might move later.