World Partition FPS drop when loading/unloading a cell

I have a simple box blockout city level with 1-2 buildings on each World Partition cell + simple landscape.
Each building is like 700 blocks.
Every time World Partition loads or unloads a cell, i see a huge FPS drop. It can go from 90 down to 15. With proper assets, it would be much worse, i assume.

Is this ok? How do you guys deal with it usually? Or is it only Early Access thing?
Because if i leave it like this, it can not be used in production, obviously.

RTX 2060, Ryzen 9 3900x, ssd, 64 ram.

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+1 this needs fixing
getting so many negative reviews cuz of this

Hello. Update on this issue where world partition levels have fps drops / lag spikes while exploring and loading into new areas (or basically if you just wander around a cell border).

The issue is absolutely due to having a lot of foliage instances, after removing over 1 million foliage instances (bushes in our case) and turning them into landscape grass, the issue is almost completely fixed (there is still tiny drops in the cell borders but it’s not really critical / game breaking anymore).