World Partition for Landscape and Open Worlds

Hello. i am trying to create an open world using world partition. I managed to upload my hightmaps files to world partition but unfortunately I don’t understand how to see the whole world instead of the only tile where is my pawn. It is no longer possible, I believe, to automatically define LODs by specifying their number and distance. so i don’t understand what to do. Some idea?

I’m wondering this as well. You can increase your world partition loading distance in the World Details panel, but that just loads the regular Landscape tiles rather than giving you a mesh proxy of the landscape.

I took a look at the Valley of the Ancient to see how it was handled there, but there simply aren’t any landscapes in that project.

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If it’s possible for your use case, you might want to simply move to using a mesh based terrain instead (possibly enabling Nanite on it).

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thank you for your suggestion! And sorry for the late reply. I’ve thought about it too but there are a number of limitations to using meshes. For example plugins like water body, landmass, etc. maybe they only work with a landscape. Furthermore the main problem is that to create my Open World I used World Creator 2. If I exported everything in .obj then I would have to manually scale the z axis to have the same elevation data with both obj and raw. In short, in my opinion for how things are at present World Partition is a beautiful prospect but only for the future releases of UE5. What do you think? If you come up with other possible solutions please kindly share them with me.

For now I basically went with a landscape that is 8129x8129 and scaled it to 400 in x and y to give me a 40km landscape, with World Partition enabled but all the proxies set to be always loaded. So it’s more or less the same performance as a single 8k terrain.

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