World Partition conversion

Hi guys!

I’m trying to convert a .umap from UE4 to use World Partition as described in the official documentation page.
Every time I try I get an error as shown in the image below. Sadly the window closes automatically after few seconds and it’s impossible to me to read the full log.

Is there a log I can check when the conversion tool is triggered? Where can I find it?

Has this happened to sometone else?


Thank you in advance!

Try add > C:\output.txt at the end of -AllowCommandletRendering, as mentioned in this thread

Hello, thank you for your help!

I tried as mentioned in the thread, and now I know the issue, but still not how to fix it :(.

The log says:

[2021.12.22-14.18.35:619][  0]LogWorldPartitionConvertCommandlet: Display: Conversion
[2021.12.22-14.18.35:620][  0]LogWorldPartitionConvertCommandlet: Error: ConvertToPartitionedLevel bad parameters
[2021.12.22-14.18.35:620][  0]LogWorldPartitionConvertCommandlet: Display: Conversion took 683us
[2021.12.22-14.18.35:621][  0]LogInit: Display: 
[2021.12.22-14.18.35:621][  0]LogInit: Display: Warning/Error Summary (Unique only)
[2021.12.22-14.18.35:621][  0]LogInit: Display: -----------------------------------
[2021.12.22-14.18.35:622][  0]LogInit: Display: LogWorldPartitionConvertCommandlet: Error: ConvertToPartitionedLevel bad parameters```

This is my command:

C:\Epic Games\UE_5.0EA\Engine\Binaries\Win64>UnrealEditor.exe "C:/Perforce/Dark&Evil/DarkAndEvil.uproject" -run=WorldPartitionConvertCommandlet "Persistent" options -AllowCommandletRendering > C:\output.txt

That “options” should be replaced with different arguments, so the command should look like:

C:\Epic Games\UE_5.0EA\Engine\Binaries\Win64>UnrealEditor.exe “C:/Perforce/Dark&Evil/DarkAndEvil.uproject” -run=WorldPartitionConvertCommandlet “Persistent” -AllowCommandletRendering > C:\output.txt

By the way, if you add -ConversionSuffix, the converted file won’t replace the original one. A new file will be created with suffix _WP.

New command:
C:\Epic Games\UE_5.0EA\Engine\Binaries\Win64>UnrealEditor.exe “C:/Perforce/Dark&Evil/DarkAndEvil.uproject” -run=WorldPartitionConvertCommandlet “Persistent” -AllowCommandletRendering -ConversionSuffix > C:\output.txt