World Partition Conversion Commandlet?

Documentation says to navigate to engine folder. Is that right. In example there there is no indication\path to project at all. How script knows which project i want to conver?

  • At the prompt, begin by navigating to the location of the UE4Editor.exe file. For example: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.26\Engine\Binaries\Win64.
  • Next, begin the command with the name of the .exe file that will run the commandlet, UE4Editor.exe.
  • Add the name of the commandlet and the following arguments: -run=WorldPartitionConvertCommandlet mapname options -AllowCommandletRendering Where mapname is the name of your map.
  • Press Enter and the commandlet will convert the project to use World Partition.

From what I’ve found, you replace mapname with the path to the level, e.g. C:\MyProject\Content\Maps\Map.umap.

That said, I keep getting errors running the commandlet so maybe that’s not right. Good luck!

What I found is that you dont actually use CMD. Instead do with your project open:

  1. Project settings
  2. World Partition
  3. Enable conversion command.
  4. Load the map you want to convert, it will prompt you if you want to convert it.

Hope this helps!

Note: if you gives you an error, hit convert. Once it starts converting it. Close your project but NOT the command prompt that shows the conversion progress.


Followed these steps and was never prompted to convert. I think it’s related to the “World Partition Grayed Out” issue others are reporting.

Both “Enable World Partition” and “Enable Conversion Prompt” worked for me on UE5_EA update 2. I got the prompt when I opened a map, and the conversion was successful.

Afterwards, I looked at the logs to see an actual example of the command, since the docs are shockingly vague. For anyone else that comes along scratching their head, here’s the command that worked for me. This was in PowerShell, since it doesn’t yell at me for using forward slashes.

Note that the -ConversionSuffix isn’t customizable which is why I had multiple copies of the map from testing. The map being converted here was Content/Kynolin/Maps/BigLandscape_3 in the engine, and it became BigLandscape_3_WP after conversion.


# C:\Games\Epic Games\UE_5.0EA\Engine\Binaries\Win64>
.\UnrealEditor.exe "F:/Development/Unreal Projects/MetaALS 5.0/MetaALS.uproject" -run=WorldPartitionConvertCommandlet /Game/Kynolin/Maps/BigLandscape_3 -AllowCommandletRendering -ConversionSuffix

Edit: I submitted a bug in hope of improving this section of the documentation.

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