World Partition Conversion Commandlet and Drive Locations

I am trying to convert a map from UE4.27 to UE5.03. I am hoping to use the World Partition Conversion Commandlet. World Partition in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation

However, I am getting the “Failed to open descriptor file” error. I believe the reason is that the map is not in the same directory (or even drive) as the UnrealEditor.exe

UnrealEditor.exe is in an A:/filepath, the project file is in a B:/filepath

Has anyone found a solution?

Do I need to move the project over to the same drive?

EDIT: I tried to use the full filepath as the map name. Didn’t work. I’ll try moving it next.

I moved the working project into the Epic/UE_5.0 folder. Seems like a strange solution, but it resolves the “descriptor” error.

Is this the expected/intended behavior?