World Partition best practice?!


I want to transistion to my large scale levels to World Partition but I have some questions how it will work out in the end.

World Partition seams ro remove the feature of streamable subleves are gone. And this is a massive issue for me and I can’t wrap my head around how I should continue to work without sublevels.

I’m since UE3 work with Sublevels as some kind of layer system. Landscape, Buildings, AI, Sounds, Scrips and so on, everything has it’s sublevel stream in at loading. This allows me to have some Props, Scripts not loaded on weaker systems like the Switch while it’s still the same map. I also can use the Singleplayer Map as a Multiplayer Map with an additional sublevel loaded in with the Multiplayer logic.

As said in the beginning, everything is layered in and besides the streaming logic, the Persistent level is entirly empty.

How would I carry something like this over to World Partition? I don’t want to rework the Landscape and level structure twice for Single and Multiplayer. I also want to avoid spawning/destroying objects on runtime depending on the gamemode.

How would I use World Partition?!