World Outliner, folders and groups, quality of life improvements

Would love a wee bit of overhaul to how outliner works.

If there are already answers to these, please let me know, I really want to know! I’ve googled them all I swear!

  1. Could folders just work like maya “groups”, with it’s own pivot that will scale all objects within relative to itself (ex. the folder is a parent, like how “attach” currently works, but let subfolders come along for the ride too). Would be sweet to then also get all the benefits of p and shift p for parenting and unparenting. I know one can currently “attach” to an empty actor, however you can’t attach folders, so all your nicely organized assets get dumped to that empty actor’s root.

  2. Could folders get “grouped” as well. If they worked more like a parent empty actor attach situation, this would solve that.

  3. Renaming of group actors would be super helpful (that new actor named “groupActor#” that I can’t for the life of me rename). Also being able to put that actor somewhere else, like into it’s own “groups” folder for a quick selection zone.

  4. Selecting an object in the scene doesn’t jump the outliner to it. Or at least make this something you can disable. A simple “F” in outliner would suffice, rarely do I actually need to see it in outliner, I’m just accessing it’s details in the details pane.

  5. Deleting a folder probably should delete everything inside the folder, rather than puking it all out to root in a mess. I know I could right click, select, all descendants but… so many mouse movements. If I want to unparent rather than delete I’d do that…

  6. If I hide something with the lil eyeball, I wish it’d stay off when the game is played. Or when I re-open the level. Like I’m guessing it’s turned back on because one shouldn’t be shipping games with a bunch of hidden useless data, but that should really be on us to go through outliner and clean it up at the end. For the billion hours of testing however, I’d love an easier way to turn on and off things in game to see how other things in the game are behaving more easily.

All of these make perfect sense. When moving on from Unity or Maya those shortcomings are a real hindrance to workflow.

It feels like folders (and to a certain extent the outliner) are still a fairly “new” thing to UE5 and as a result are not completely implemented yet. I know they’re actually not that new but they clearly still need a lot of love to be fully fledged…


Yes, this’d be great.