World Outliner additions and shortcuts

Hi, just a quick thought - in my opinnion world outliner could be greatly improved with simple feautres and shortcuts.

For example: ‘close hierarchy’ and ‘expand’ shortcuts would be my salvation while working on more complicated levels.

As for the feautres, how about coloring items, like layers in photshop? This way I could easily group ‘temporary changes’, meshes I need to redo and so.

Also stuff like: quick lock, filter search by type (or by attributes), visual separation of groups?

Thanks, W.


Hey Wilbury,

I have entered a feature request based on pieces of your feedback. You can track this request here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-35920)

Have a great day!

Can i add request for double clicking the top node would select entire hierarchy? maybe with some modifier key if there is chance it could confuse someone.