World Origin Shifting Problem

When i call “World->RequestNewWorldOrigin(FIntVector(G.X, G.Y, G.Z) + World->OriginLocation);” to shift my world origin i got the following problem:

At first the world origin gets shifted to the new position. so far so good. but shortly after the position of my actor or the world origin goes crazy and i really don’t know how.

here’s the log:

LogLevel: WORLD TRANSLATION BEGIN {0, 0, 0} -> {10643601, 51308616, 29227020}
LogLevel: WORLD TRANSLATION END {10643601, 51308616, 29227020} took 0.0690 ms
LogTemp: Warning: actor pos: X=0.000 Y=0.000 Z=0.000
LogTemp: Warning: actor pos: X=-0.133 Y=-0.643 Z=-0.366
LogTemp: Warning: actor pos: X=-16133569536.000 Y=-258137112576.000 Z=-322671378432.000
LogTemp: Warning: actor pos: X=-38336507904.000 Y=-629669232640.000 Z=-791864279040.000
LogTemp: Warning: actor pos: X=-60520267776.000 Y=-1000880472064.000 Z=-1260651937792.000

as you see the origin gets shifted to my actor (actor is at [0,0,0] and then suddenly it goes crazy). now you might think i call “RequestNewWorldOrigin” again, but i don’t. i only call it one time.

it worked on 4.19 and i just updated to 4.20.3 and now it does this.

Additionally: if i enable “WorldOriginRebasing” in the world settings and disable my script above, the origin doesn’t get set on my player. it set’s on a cameraActor which spawns automatically when i start the game. (i suppose it gets rebased on it at least).

but i want my origin on my player.