World origin rebasing camera reset error

After play from camera location using World origin rebasing in a large map aka 10x10 to 20x20Km at end the play the camera back to a random landscape point, not the start point where you click play or the end point where you end play, some random point more or less in the middle of the map.

Hey Hevedy,

I’ve created a large map and set the world origin, but I’m not seeing the same results as you, unfortunately. My camera remains in the location where I ended play as expected.

Could you please provide me with a detailed list of repro steps that I can use to reproduce the issue in a clean project?

Make sure you have enabled the World origin rebasing in the world and as second one make sure you travel a big distance and start for example from 10Km of the origin, travel atleast 2Km

I’ve enabled the setting as well as traveled a large distance far from the origin, but I’m not sure I see the issue occurring. Would you be able to provide a video so that we can take a look at what you’re seeing?


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Hey Hevedy,

It seems like the project you’ve provided is using a third party plugin. Please reproduce the issue without the use of said plugin, and provide another project and I can take a look.


Thank you.

Example projet, press play and then exit sometimes happen Dropbox - TestProject.7z - Simplify your life

Version 4.15 no, is not using any plugin, tell me what plugin you see ?

Please open the project.

My mistake, I was looking at the wrong project. I’ve tested this and reproduced the issue you’re seeing, and have entered a bug report:

Thanks for your report.