WORLD OF PURSUITS (Finally a street racing MMO with risk and consequences)


**Custom Built Vehicles
Custom Races
Day/Night Cycle
Deep Inventory System
Open World
Owning Property
Player Trading
PVE Activites
PVP Police Chases
Tons of Vehicles
Vehicle Insurance
Vehicle Loss

Discord Channel (Were more active in here)

Latest features testing

Weve started our character creator that well also give to the community for free :slight_smile:

Weve started working on custom engine sounds

Ill be trying to live stream most of the time im working in 2020 on twitch for those that want to see how boring and tedious raw development is lol Twitch

Check out the latest drag race testing

We’ve built a .Net core 3.1 Matchmaking server :slight_smile: The video is kinda lame, but feel free to watch me run the API locally testing out the new features.

We’ve got a simple game launcher app built to support World of Pursuits. The launcher app auto updates itself, and the launcher will check for World of Pursuits updates.

We’ve created our Gumball race trophy :slight_smile: I made a blog on the creation process

…how do you intend to get vehicle physics working in a massively multiplayer environment?

Its still in question. When we make it server side authoritative it works, but you for sure feel the lag at speed. When you make it client authoritative (hack-able) its super smooth. So the right answer seems like a hybrid. We’ll probably end up letting the client tell the server the cars location, but then the server will validate that against where the car is on the server. So both clients and our servers will be running their own physics for the same car, but if the client tries to say its at a location too far off from what the server’s physics thinks, the server will override the client. As long as we interp it it shouldn’t be too noticeable. But were still brain storming this. Its either develop some magical physics replication pure server side, or a really tight validation framework to trust clients, or a hybrid. So well see when we get there. We’ll worry more about making it unhackable when we have something worth hacking lol.

Im not sure its possible to make it pure server side authoritative physics. The delay in pressing d to turn right -> request to turn right -> server-side turning validation -> movement of it turning right replication is just too slow. To make it feel good driving well have to probably trust clients a little while validating what we can

Also note the servers are instanced. We could probably build a super computer like EVE online did to host tons in the same server, but were going for max 100 ppl on the same server. Youll auto join servers with your friends when signing in. But the chat and the player markets are across all instances. Our game servers are actually ignorant to player inventories. Thats all done though our DB and APIs, We might go for a super computer one day and support tons on 1 map, but since were balling on a budget we need the ability to scale up and down with player volume. Being able to turn of instances saves us money VS a huge server hosting just 3 ppl

Crowd funding campaign is live along with a new pre-alpha trailer

We got a simple raw way to player trade now.

Auto-scaling Linux game servers. This was a MAJOR pain lol.