World Objectives?

hello! how would i make something like this in UMG

i use blueprint and V 4.14 :slight_smile:


when i look away i should not see it on the side of the screen but if i look at it in the world it will stay the same size and show it where it is in the world, if i walk away from that it does not show me if i stay on the side of it, and if i walk far away it disperse, i want to see markers though walls far away from and only when i look that direction so it should be able to go outside screen, basicly and objectiv system in UMG and how do i draw it in world so it keeps looking at player :stuck_out_tongue: if it makes sense.




it does not need to be umg as long as i can see a 2D texture looking at player in the world though walls and same size by placing an actor or something :3

pretty much got it to work by using billboards and translucent material applied to it :3