World Map

I did looked on google, I was looking for 30 mins and still no results.
Is it possible to make something like Level map, world map, so when I press M to show that map in widget or something ?
Thank you anyway

Yep it’s very possible. There are a lot of different posts in here about using a map HUD so just look up minimap and you should find your answer.

Yea, that’s nice but nope :smiley: haha
I mean, there are tutorials on minimap, and you told me to search minimap. I don’t need one, I need Big map onclicked thing but without minimap that is top perspective and shows mine position and whole level …
Thank you on your answer anyway

Well a minimap is just the map, it’s just a smaller version of it. All the mechanics remain the same you just want to make a bigger version of it with UMG, hence why if you check out the minimap 1s and make it fill your screen you are a high percentage of the way to being done.

I too am looking for a map tutorial in UMG, no camera just an image with my characters position. I run into gridlock when the available tutorials ask me to draw something on the hud, doing everything in UMG widget so I’m not sure what to do.

This has been the problem plaging all of my pet projects from becoming a “worthy” game. Its extremely hard to create a world map that updates in real time. Even harder when your dealing with more than one level or using world composition. This became especially apparent when I needed a map of the world and to be playable and to be able to plot courses and see enemys for thousands of km for my submarine simulator. I dont have the skills to do it. Cant help you. A mini map… thats easy. Scene capture 2d blueprint class.

my next project would be like this and i would fake AI activity for objects which too far away from player to see or interact, ai would be written with functions and without behaviour tree.
about your submarine, do you really need them to be for thousand km from your current point? can they be, let’s say 2m long and in 2 km? do they really need to be there, if they are submarines, you probably dont see them, so only on map, you can have object in memory, which represent submarine and his stats and this object would have position saved, then you can draw this position on your map.
Dont see any issues, at all, but mb i imagine your game differently(for sure).