World map needs polishing

Hey, I’ve created a world map so that if you press the ‘m’ key the game is paused and you can view the map, and pressing m again unpauses the game. But there are two issues visually, the first is that I used a scene capture component 2D to record the map and this is placed way above the player characters head to get a birds eye view, but this doesn’t show the whole map (I’d have to keep moving it upwards and then getting hold of it will be ridiculous when the map size is increased in the future) so I was wondering if there was a better way to set this up? Also, it captures everything in the game from a birds eye view, but I don’t want it to show such things as pickups, yet I want it to show walls like it does, but I want to make them look different e.g. maybe just a white line, this way I could quite simply make a key to show what means what. Thanks in advance

*forgot to mention that the map also rotates when the player rotates which I don’t want :slight_smile:

For my map in game, it’s currently okay, as it rotates with the player which I want. All I want to change for this map is for some actors that aren’t important enough to show on a map e.g. health power ups to just disappear, and to also change the look on the map e.g. walls and road to thin white lines for example. See the pics of my current map compared to FarCry 4’s for example as I want it like that

And for the world map, I want it the same as above but for it not to rotate. Like in all open world games I press m (which I have implemented already) and I want it so that it is still and the player can look around it by moving the mouse (when the map is big enough) Again see the pics attached for what I have

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: