World Machine to Unreal Engine 4 Z Value Problem

Hi folks,
Im having trouble with importing a heightmap from World Machine,
I’ve built a terrain sized 4065x4065 in World Machine but when im import the heightmap to Unreal Engine 4, im having problems with z value,
First pic show what i have built in World Machine, second and third is what happens when i import it to Unreal Engine 4

Hope you guys can help me, thanks!

Firs of all your landscape in WM needs to be 4033x4033.

Secondly. In WM project settings, check your altitude. A standard landscape at 100% Z scale in UE4 is 512meters from top to bottom, if i remember correctly.

So, if your altitude range in WM is 5120meters, roughly 5km. You would need a vertical scale of 1000% in UE4.

Hope this helps!