World Machine tiled world is backwards please help

Ok so I don’t know what to do here. the first time I exported the thing none of the tiles lined up in the Y axis so I had to go back and toggle the flip-Y option. or so everything lines up now but I have a bigger problem now. Now everything on the Y axis is reversed. if I look at the terrain looking North, “Positive X” The my Y Axis with is east to west in my map is flipped.

I have to show this off Monday so if anyone has any ideas I would love to here them ASAP

thanks in advance

Ok so after looking in the world composition tool the whole thing is backwards it is mirrored on both the X and Y axis

Do you mean textures and heightmaps? Because before you get in into ue4 you’re suppose to invert it using photoshop and line them all up.

I don’t know if you already saw this post:

Maybe you can find a solution there, sorry for my english

yes but that is along thread and doesn’t address the issue to the last couple post and is never resolved. So it sounds to me What what I have read that this is a problem with with Unreals Importing of the terrain rather than Something that World Machine is doing wrong. Has anyone submitted this as a Bug?