World machine settings


After a lot of reading and testing without any progress I am now turning to you guys for help (first post, yay!)

I am trying to generate a map in World Machine and export it as tiles to be able to stream the levels (world composition). In the world composition documentation ( they are showing a table with sensible values, which I am trying to use in world machine.

Let’s suppose we want to create a 505x505 map. It can be done using a single component or a 2x2 mode per component, we choose the former (I can’t even find an option in World Machine to create sections for each component, is it possible?).

Next we see in the doc that we should create 8x8 components (because of single mode), resulting in 64 components in total, where each component size is 63.

So let’s try to do this is World Machine (see photo 1)
I set