World Machine question

Hi everyone !

I work on a personal projet with world machine and unreal 4. I have just a question about the result in UE4, what is the best way to texture my mesh from world machine ? I saw a lot of video where people used the mask from WM to put custom textures in RGB channels for the diffuse map and other that used photoshop to combine different mask with a diffuse from WM. In the two method there is always a lot of pixels in my diffuse and that is not what I want … Also when I am in walk mode my shapes are really bloby. I put screenshots to show what I mean.

if you use the mask method, you will at least get details with tiling textures masked by the images of snow for example like you have there. But you are facing the issue of looking good from a far or looking good close up. Its hard to have both. So try masking and tiling


I just follow this tutorial for textrues that is the best way. I saw that the landscape demo als uses this.

This part can be confuseing, to short it a bit down. First export the spat maps als hight output and then select PNG. Make the material show in this tutorial. then look at this picture.

You will se that and then you right click on one of those layers/elements, Then you will see a option for inporting inport that PNG splatmap. there you go.

And a tip you can use more than 16 texture’s tou need to search it. you you can make a massive material. and you use that as landscape material.

Thanks guys this is really helpfull ! I will try to do the method that you send me